Nina Göringer
Technical translator, M.A.

Member of the BDÜ and the tekom

Stephanusstraße 82
33098 Paderborn, Germany

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Nina Göringer - Fachübersetzerin M.A.
Nina Göringer - Fachübersetzerin

A professional translation process: efficiency, quality, trust

  • You understand the advantages of (partially) automated translation processes.
  • You appreciate it when your translation projects are executed efficiently and skillfully.
  • You expect high text quality and consistent translations.

My customers benefit from computer-assisted translation and terminology management processes as well as ongoing collaboration in which discreet data processing, efficiency, and quality are ensured.


  • Advanced translation technology used by an experienced linguist and translation expert
  • Translation of a variety of file types, including specialized formats
  • Application of individual style guides and/or lists or specialized terms
  • Consistent usage with regard to the repetition of phrases and specialized terms
  • Reduction in time needed for translation
  • Appropriate, transparent pricing
  • Candid, knowledgeable consultation

If you have questions or need professional support with regard to translation or editorial tasks,

I'd be glad to help:

+49 (0) 5251 683 48 78

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