Nina Göringer
Technical translator, M.A.

Member of the BDÜ and the tekom

Stephanusstraße 82
33098 Paderborn, Germany

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Nina Göringer - Fachübersetzerin M.A.
Nina Göringer - Fachübersetzerin


Effective communication thanks to optimized texts

Helping my clients address their target groups with texts that are highly readable and easy to understand is important to me.
Texts can also be optimized so that the subsequent process for translation into multiple languages runs smoothly and quickly.

Naturally you'd like your message to be read with pleasure and understood effortlessly.

Perhaps maintaining your own, particular corporate language is also important to you.

Your requirements and the associated scope of the editing task are as unique as the style of your texts – I am happy to apply your specific editing guidelines and/or lists or specialized terms.

Let's talk about your specific goals:

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