Nina Göringer
Technical translator, M.A.

Member of the BDÜ and the tekom

Stephanusstraße 82
33098 Paderborn, Germany

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Nina Göringer - Fachübersetzerin M.A.
Nina Göringer - Fachübersetzerin

Nina Göringer – Technical translator, M.A.

Experienced linguist and translation expert

If you want to impress your customers not only with your high-quality products and solutions, but also with effective texts and engaging translations, you can rely on me for:

  • Professional expertise in both English and German
  • Specialized translation skills
  • Specific technical knowledge, particularly in areas such as automation, electrical engineering, industry, IT, mechanical engineering, safety, security, control technology
  • Many years of professional experience in technical communication and translation, editing, and translation process management
  • Customized and transparent consultation
  • Professional, discreet order management

I provide not only technical translation, but also text optimization to improve readability and understanding and ensure consistent style and terminology use. I have been offering these highly specialized services for clients since I graduated with my M.A. degree.

Take advantage of my expertise, my efficient and reliable translation process, and my personal, individualized customer service.

If you have questions or need professional support with regard to translation or editorial tasks,

I'd be glad to help:

Nina Göringer
Technical translator, M.A. English <> German

Member of the BDÜ (professional association of interpreters and translators in Germany) and the tekom (association for technical communication)

+49 (0) 5251 683 48 78

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